Basic Qualities to Look out for in a Good Epoxy Flooring Company

Epoxy flooring is not a new phenomenon in the world of construction. It has been in use for many decades now across the globe. However, what is new is that this type of flooring is now more popular than ever. You will not be surprised to find a carefully crafted and eye-catching metallic epoxy floor in a modern living room. People were used to finding this floors in large spaces such as warehouses and garages, but with the invention of better and aesthetically appealing epoxy floor, things have really changed.

Epoxy flooring companies have opened shop in every part of the world. They all claim to offer heaven to their prospective clients, and they all strive to stay ahead of the competition. This has made it extremely difficult for clients like yourself, who need one that will offer quality workmanship and products, in order to create a desirable epoxy floor that will not only increase the resale value of a property, but will also stand out among many.

Are you in the market looking for the best epoxy flooring company? Is your mind confounded, and you do not know where to begin? Worry no more, the following are some important qualities you should look for in a good company.


Well, in any profession, experience is important and can never be ignored. Epoxy flooring is not an exception. To make your search easy, it is always prudent to eliminate all the companies that have less than 5 years of experience in the field.

By being experienced, it means that the company have worked in many floor in your local area, thus no job is too big or too small for them. They have worked large areas; thus installing a beautiful epoxy floor in your garage space is not a big deal.

Whenever you are confused, and you do not know what type of epoxy flooring will compliment your structure, an experienced company will always design a perfect answer for you.

Experience means quality-oriented. It means that the company does not rely solely on the skills that its technicians learnt in school, but have developed skills in the field that help them come up with innovative ways to deal with various problems.

They say, experience is the best teacher. A new epoxy flooring company that has just opened shop is will not be a great option for you especially if you need some work done in large scale. Go for experience, you will be ensuring you go for the best.


You will determine the professionalism of an epoxy flooring company if it;

  • Has employed constructors who have gone through a formal education and training system in reputable institutions of higher learning, and it can provide proof of certification.
  • The company is a diligent and active member of at least one professional body, and can provide certification and proof of involvement in activities organised by the body. A professional body will;
  1. Ensure that the company employees are not involved in malpractices in the line of duty by offering a well outlined code of conduct that is duly followed, and if nor, disciplinary measures apply.
  2. Ensure professional growth of the contractor by organizing numerous trainings and workshops
  3. Ensure that only professionals are in the field, and masquerades don’t get a chance to steal from unsuspecting clients
  • Is fully accredited by an institution involved in the trade
  • Will keep your needs at heart, and will only give a quote after seeing and assessing the scope of the work.

Licensed, bonded, and insured

A legitimate epoxy flooring company is licensed, bonded, and insured. By being licensed, it means that the company is performing all its business deals in accordance to the law, and that the business pays taxes to the government; thus contributing to the overall economic growth.

What if a companies employ slipped and broke a bone when working in your compound, would you take responsibility? For you to ensure that you get a peace of mind when a company is working in your home, go for a bonded and insured one. Ensure the insurance is legitimate, and is from a registered, accredited, and recognisable insurance provider in your country.


A reputable company is one that has diligently worked for the people for a long time, without a single wrong doing in the course of doing business. it also means that a company offers the best products, and quality workmanship to its clients in an effort to maintain and spread a good name that enables it remain ahead of the competition. To determine the reputation of a company;

  • Browse online for customer and expert reviews
  • Ask your referrals
  • Check the reputation of the institution of higher learning the proprietor went to, and the institution that has given accreditation to the company