How To Safely Cut Your Concrete Driveway

If you’re thinking about renovating your driveway, we’re sure that you know it can be quite tedious. We have compiled some of the best tips in the industry which will get you on to a smooth start right away, they are also geared at keeping you safe, and they will indeed minimise the initial physical effort required by you to get the job successfully completed. Apart from being not only dense and hard, it produces quite a significant amount of dust when you cut into it. Our article features some tips which will help you cut and break through your concrete job not only safely but very neat as well.

In this section we will look at choosing the right tools. If your driveway is not more than four inches thick, and it isn’t reinforced, well you’re just in luck, because you can use a sledge hammer to break the concrete. In the case where you are in fact dealing with thicker surfaces, your job will require powerful equipment. In addition, you will indeed have several choices since it depends on the concrete’s location as well as the thickness and even the desired cut.

Typically, hammer drills, electric breakers and pneumatic jack hammers are used when it comes to breaking the concrete in a driveway. Firstly, you will need to make what is known as a surface cut. This can be done by the following:
-Use a piece of chalk and mark out the hole you wish to cut
-Use a demolition saw or a circular saw and cut along the chalked line as deep as you possibly can
-Begin the breaking process

The above steps are done in order to make the concrete easier to go through and it also produces a neater cut in the end of your job. Now, we look at a final cut. The following will guide you in making the final cut:
-You should ensure that you slowly work with your cutting tools tip on the inside of the marked zone while chipping carefully at the concrete on the saw line. In order to ensure an accurate cut, lean the tool’s tip away from the parts of your driveway that you wish to keep intact.
The above tip keeps your intact pieces not only in place but also undamaged, so, there’s no need to worry as you begin to break away the edges of your unwanted concrete driveway.

-And last but not least, be sure to work at a slower pace in order to penetrate the surroundings which were cut by the saw. Next, continue to break the bigger pieces into smaller chunks until the desired area is cleared.

As we conclude we have just given you the most important tips when it comes to cutting a concrete driveway. Be sure to take safety into consideration and use the proper tools as well as safety equipment such as gloves and even safety glasses to protect your eyes. If you are unsure, hire a professional!